A video greeting, is a personalized postcard made in video with a maximum duration of 30 seconds.
That's right, in we are constantly growing, so if you can't found your favorite celebrity you can make a request and we will notify you once when your celebrity is part of our platform.
That's right, for a celebrity to be visible to fans on our page, it is necessary that he meets a series of requirements to verify they identity.
Once you create your request, you can make the payment through the different means of payment arranged on our platform (Cash payment, Bank deposit, Debit card payment, Credit card payment).
That's right, you can request your greeting video in a completely personalized way, as long as you do not infringe any of our terms and conditions of service.
These values depend on the type of personalized greeting video, whether for personal or commercial purposes.
No, this service only allows you to obtain the audiovisual material with the contracted features.
The greetings videos have a maximum duration of 72 hours for its realization.
When this happens it is because the selected celebrity is not currently participating in the realization of the type of greeting of your interest.
Remember to be clear at the time of making your request, in case of any failure caused by our service, you can let us know from your account or email and this way we will make the money back.
Of course, from your account you can acquire and describe your video greeting at the request of a third party.
Yes, if you need to invoice the value of the service to a company, you must at the time of making your purchase modify the billing information for the desired ones.

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